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“You truly are an amazing artist, a modern day master! I have watched many videos on painting the portrait and this one is by far the most informative and exciting. Every brush stroke, every color and everything you say reveals an important part of the creative process. I ordered, received and watched your DVD "The Beginning of Autumn." I love it. You are amazing and watching the video has motivated and inspired me…” Carol R.
“Your DVD's are considered classics in our home, to be kept
and watched over and over again. They truly are a great investment.
The only regret so far is that I didn't buy the DVD earlier. Thanks so much for devoting
your time to make these videos for us. It's the next best thing to attending one of
your workshops, and of course, having the ability to stop, pause, rewind and replay is
an added bonus.” Dina S.
“I just received your book "Not Far From Home" and it is also a masterpiece all of it's own and to own! Just so beautifully done and so much to see and to absorb! It is a Work of Art!” P.J. N.
“Daniel,I have recently invested in your training tutorials "Her Mothers Locket" and "The Beginning of Autumn", and your collection of paintings "Not Far From Home". They are exceptional and worth their weight in gold! Not only are they packed with extensive training for an artist at any level, but they are powerfully inspirational!”
Beverly T.
“Dan includes not only great demos in his videos, but also constantly talks and explains what he is doing so the viewer can learn valuable concepts and skills.”
Diane R.
“I felt like I was looking over his shoulder as he painted. It was particularly helpful to see his paint-handling techniques… brushes and palette knife but also paper towels and even his finger. These DVD's are well worth the price! A must for any serious artist.” Bill S.
"Very real, natural and honest!" Joyce K.


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  "Torian's Smile"

 Instructional Video 




  "The Beginning of Autumn"

 Instructional Video




  "Her Mother's Locket"

Instructional Video




  "Not Far from Home"  

 Hardcover Book